Bungalow vs maisonette? What should I go for? This is a question you will need to answer when you decide to build a home. For you to effectively answer this question, you need to understand the pros and cons of each type of house.

You personal circumstances, your family dynamics, your land, your personal preferences and your budget are all factors that you must carefully consider when making this pertinent decision. A home investment is a big one, taking a huge amount of money and will far outlive you – you cannot afford to make a mistake.

Let’s consider the pros and cons of each.

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A bungalow is typically a single storey home/one level house that occupies the ground floor only.


1. It can be Cheaper to Construction (Depending on the Size and Complexity)

If you compare a bungalow to a maisonette and a bungalow of the same size and finishes, it would be cheaper to build a bungalow. The biggest cost difference comes from the fact that a bungalow only requires a foundation, but a maisonette requires both a foundation and a slab.

The cost difference is however not as big as many people think. The footprint of a bungalow is bigger. This means that the foundation and the roof are bigger compared to a maisonette, significantly reducing the construction cost difference.

2. It Provides Ease of Movement

This becomes an advantage for people who physically challenged and as people grow older. A bungalow works better for these kinds of situations because you simply do not have any staircases to contend with on a daily basis.

3. It is Faster to Construct

It takes a little less time to build a bungalow. Once the foundation is done, you simple put up the walls and roof and you are done.

4. It is Easier to Build in Phases and Expand/Modify

A lot of people do not have the funds to build their home in one go. The idea of building in phases and expanding your home in future is very attractive. A bungalow is much easier to build in phases and expand in future. Making modifications is also much easier.


1. Requires more Land.

Compared to a maisonette, a bungalow has a larger footprint and therefore more land. If you are challenged in terms of land then it is not the best option for you.

2. It is limited in Terms of Views

You will not enjoy view around your home because everything is on ground level.

3. It is Seen to be Less Secure

All the windows of your home are accessible from the outside. This creates an insecurity because there many points of weakness to your home.


A maisonette on the other hand is a double storey house/multiple storey house, occupies more than one floor.


1.  Requires Less Land

With a smaller foot print, a maisonette occupies much less space. It is therefore ideal for those with a limited amount of land

2. It is More Secure

You have fewer windows that can be accessed. The only windows accessible from the outside are the windows downstairs. You can also separate and secure the ground floor from the upper floor. This makes it more secure compared to a bungalow.

3. Easy to Separate Public and Private Spaces

4. It Offers Great Views of your Surroundings


1. May cost more to construct. This is mainly because of the additional floor slab that exists between the floors.

2. Movement up and down may be more challenging for the physically impaired. Movement may become a challenge as you grow older as well.

I hope this gives you some points to consider as you make this decision. Take time to carefully consider all these factors because you cannot afford to make a mistake in this crucial investment decesion.

Maisonette vs Bungalow – You decide!