Is creating reasonable low cost architecture in Kenya a myth? Can one really build their house or commercial space in a manner that is considered usable enough, all manageable within a shoestring budget? There are many who say that the cost of building and developing good architecture in Kenya has become quite a challenge, especially speaking of finance matters. The creation of an interesting project calls of the incorporation of many novel ideas, especially with regards to the building form and to a lesser extent its level of functioning.


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Cost effective architecture in Kenya requires a very utilitarian view towards space creation


When speaking of building very economic buildings, the attitude towards creation of spaces in a building must be grounded in function. As such, the dimensions of each building space must be made with a level of frugality based on fitting the function that is likely to be had within that space. For example, if the space being created is a bedroom for two, perhaps the best solution is to go for a spatial module that will fit perhaps a double decker or bunk bed.


It is imperative that the spaces provided are adequate for the operation of the home or building. However by double pooling spaces, spaces such as living rooms and dining spaces can work together within an open plan arrangement thus providing a wider feeling of space within a tight area.


constructing low cost buildings and architecture in Kenya requires minimal application of storeyed building


Creation of a low cost building structure will often call for structures that have been built on one level. Constructing this kind of building calls for a structure that does not have any need for steel reinforcement that becomes a necessity with suspended floors and vertical structures, which means that the building in question has less cost associated with the construction of suspended flooring.


Where possible, and especially where space allows when building on an expansive property, it’s a good idea to do a single storey structure. If sufficient space does not exist, then this option may not work well for an individual.


Building low cost structures may require a willingness to forego items that seem a luxury but are usually incorporated in buildings


Sometimes it is necessary to look at the interior structure of your building in a purely utilitarian manner, according to a hierarchy of user needs within the structure. If you are building on an exceedingly tight budget, sometimes you may be forced to look at your building with a pragmatic view towards your provision of space in the home.


Spatial elements that have a lesser function in terms of indoor environmental quality or simply have lesser importance functionally can be omitted.


For example, you can choose to construct the building without doing a ceiling at first, as this can be fitted into the building later when it is already in use. Another area you can save on is with regard to privacy walls in spaces that can work together as a single large space. For example, you can create your spaces with an open plan arrangement between spaces such as kitchen and dining area or living room. The whole idea is that functîonal building elements that are not mandatory can be omitted.


Building low cost structures may require a simpler view towards provisions for external work


Constructing a low cost building requires a developer to creatively consider his or her options when it comes to provisions for this sort of structure externally. For one, the building facades themselves need to be done in the most cost effective manner so as to ensure that they do not add costs to the building structure unless deemed strictly necessary. This may call for use of simple basic construction materials in their natural form for purpose of cost savings. Materials such as brick and stone are great for this. Once these are set up properly, then we have a way that this is going to be


Building low cost architecture requires you to take a minimalistic view towards creation of spatial quality


When one is building a property on a shoestring budget, it is important that they prioritize their needs in the building according to their hierarchy of needs. Often the need for the space itself supersedes the need to spruce up the space into something that is highly embellished. With this in mind, one can approach their building project with a bit more pragmatism, allowing for minimal aesthetic treatments to be employed in the construction of spaces. Some ideas that one can utilize in this manner include the use machine cut natural stone walls as a finished structural material, then making use of vanish or paintwork to create more refinement to their interiors.


The whole idea is to create spaces that have good functionality in terms of their space provision, and then worry later about space embellishments. Once the space is usable, the beauty of the space will be a secondary consideration that can be dealt with later.


With these thoughts in mind, a developer can work towards tailoring their projects to getting them in the most cost effective manner. Are you interested in constructing a low cost building in Kenya ? Get in touch with us such that we can guide you to seeing your project fulfilled.