Constructing a great commercial building takes the commercial architect in Kenya to think about various issues of its design within a strong business context. It requires one to consider the building in the same vein as any business that is started for the sole purpose of generating healthy profits for the developer. In this regard, the creation of a commercial building must be contrived to maximize income being generated by the building while minimizing the costs of constructing and maintaining the completed development.

The Commercial Architect In Kenya In Development of Commercial Buildings


Thinking about a building project in the context of business sense means that the commercial architect must place emphasis on ensuring that the outputs from a building project outweigh the input that will go into creating and running it. A project ought to produce way more revenue than it costs to be created and operated in order for it to be viable as a commercial venture. This is a quandary for the commercial architect and the developer alike as they must check to see whether their building projects meet this criteria. The tricky part with building projects is the fact that they can only truly generate revenue at the point where they are completed and occupied.


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A commercial building to be put up in Nairobi

Seeing the fact that commercial buildings and indeed any building construction is so capital and time intensive, it means that the revenue can only start being generated after considerable time and cost input, till the point at which the project is realized. This cost of capital, as well as the associated time input as well needs to be carefully balanced out in terms of its value monetarily, right from the point with which a developer is weighing up the cost of developing a building vis a vis other investment opportunities.


The commercial architect in Kenya should work with the client to the end of the project

Once a developer has made up his or her mind about developing a building and being totally convinced on the clear merits of a real estate project (they are many), then the best advice a commercial architect in Kenya may give such an investor is to be tenacious and endure to the end. The commercial architect must advise a client that they need to start such a project and hold the course until it is complete. It is only by reaching the end of a project that its rewards can be actualized, and any other way means that it will be abortive as a project. Even in through completing a section of the project (such as in the case of phasing), it is necessary to create revenues from that particular portion of the project.


As such a project must be considered in the light of its capability to generate income at the point of its completion and use, it is wise to weigh its end income earning potential from the very beginning and maximize on revenue generation areas from very early on, right at design by the commercial architect in Kenya. The areas of the project which shall be revenue generating for the developer will need to be given utmost priority and the lions share of resources for them to be built. The need to have income generating activities properly located and built is paramount.

Highest quality provisions may be made in these areas of the design, while other areas may work with more modest provisions. This should aim at maximizing what the building can generate out of these areas in terms of rent or outright selling price. By creating a premium space, using premium quality materials and finishes that enhance the quality of the space, the commercial architect in Kenya will succeed in creating a built environment which the developer can ask for a premium for in terms of rent or selling price.


Provisions for Sustainability Should Be Incorporated By The Commercial Architect In Kenya

The other area that the business of a building can be enhanced is inclusion of lots of green provisions that will reduce the running costs of a building and ensure it has low maintenance costs. Less expenditure on recurrent costs means that ultimately, the building will run cheaper than those which do not. This is a key cornerstone of sustainable architecture or green building.


By having a commercial building that does not consume too much energy, waste water, and generally has better ambiance and internal environmental quality, the commercial architect in Kenya will succeed in creating a building that truly does save its users’ money, and will result in higher productivity. Ultimately green buildings are more commercially viable than those which are not, simply due to the fact that they are great at reducing the costs of running them.
It is akin to note that due to the fact that they are able to pay for themselves much quicker than conventional structures, the green commercial building designed by a commercial architect in Kenya offers greater value for money.