Interior Design

Designing Hotels and Leisure Facilities

You define a successful construction project as one that fulfills your needs and desires as the building owner, meets the needs and desires of the users and more importantly contributes to the well being of the surrounding environment. When designing hotels and leisure facilities, you certainly need to have a very good working relationship with your Kenyan architect in order to attain such success. […]

Creating Great Interior Design In Kenya Using Soft Finishes

One of the ways that an interior designer can create great interior design in Kenya is by the application of simple items in the interior design scheme very creatively. Indeed creativity is the foundation by which a conscientious designer can achieve great things in the built environment, as this can be achieved using various elements in a unique, ornamental manner. […]

Tips For Interior Design In Kenya – Use of Ceramic Tiles

It is easy to see why ceramic tile floor tiles are such an exciting part of interior design in Kenya. Indeed not just in Kenya but the whole world over, the use of tiles has seen unsurpassed popularity with regard to their durability in use, versatile style and ability to be fixed easily. With such advantages as part of its intrinsic capabilities, there is a lot that tiles can provide solutions for in the course of their lifespan. Great interior design recognizes this. […]

Selection of Materials By Interior designers in Kenya

Interior designers in Kenya have the onus of deciding which types of finishes that most appropriate for particular types of building. Various buildings have their own specific uses. The designer that is able to conceive good spaces should also be able to put together appropriate finishes for their various types of developments. In this article we shall consider selection of certain floor finishes within a building. […]

Tips for Interior Designers In Kenya selecting interior finishes

Interior designers in Kenya are involved in the selection of finishes that shall be applied within a building once the structure is complete. This selection of finishes this done in together with the client in order that they are intrinsically involved in the selection of materials that they shall see as the finished built product once the building is complete. The floor being one of the core areas of selection of materials is very sensitive and must be selected right due to its characteristics. In this article we shall discuss various floor finishes that available in the market and why one should use them. […]

Interior Designers In Kenya, Criteria of Selecting Finishes

Interior designers in Kenya are constantly involved in selection of finishes for house plans in Kenya, as well as commercial buildings. Every house designed according to individuals taste and strives to create its own specific character with regard to its finishes. Each building has several finishers that may be applied on different parts of it. What creates interest in an internal composition is the way various finishes can be mixed together creatively. […]