Apartment H-2 Bedroom Apartment block is a contemporary medium-rise residential apartment block with a simple, nice and classy look.

This contemporary apartment block is lifted off of the ground, to allow for sufficient parking for all the houses as well as visitors. If you do not have a lot of land to work with, this is always a good way to create more usable space on the ground level.


2 Bedroom Apartment Block – The Typical Floor

On each floor you have 5 apartments. 3 apartments face the back of the property while 2 apartments face the front. This allows all the apartments to enjoy views of the surroundings as we as received as natural light.

You have 2 staircases on either sides of the apartments to adequately serve all the apartments.

2 Bedroom Apartment Block – The Typical House

Each 2 bedroom apartment design has a very simple layout.  You have the living room seated side by side with the kitchen. The living room has a nice and spacious balcony.

The kitchen has a small balcony kitchen yard. Towards the back you have the 2 bedrooms. The master bedroom is comfortable in size and the second bedroom can comfortably fit 2 single beds.

The shared bathroom sits between the 2 bedrooms. We have separated the bathroom and toilet because these spaces are shared by the whole house hold.

Each house has a total of 67M2 of living space.

Land Requirement

The plinth dimension or the foot print of the entire apartment block is 21M by 26M

This means you need to have at least a quarter acre to put up this apartment block.

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2 Bedroom Apartment Block
2 Bedroom Apartment Block
– 2 Bedroom Apartment Block
– 2 Bedroom Apartment Block