When coming up with an Apartment Block Design, a lot has to be taken into account.

Some important driving factors that shape your apartment design include your desired number of units based on your feasibility studies, the site characteristics of your property, the zoning constraints of the location you are building, and the budget you wish to develop with based on your financial provisions.

 All these factors determine the size and layout of each apartment, the number of floors you can build and the total number of units you will achieve.

Apartment Block Design – The Building Description

Apartment K is a contemporary high-rise residential apartment block, with beautiful modern design accents.

It offers eleven floors of residential apartments with two basement levels for parking. Parking is also provided on ground level.

The Apartment K shall accommodate 121 residences. Of these 66 are be one bedroom, 22 are two bedroom, 22 shall be 3 bedrooms and 11 are studio apartments. 

Apartment Block DesignThe Typical Floor

Each typical residential floor shall have six  1-bedroom units,  two 2-bedroom units, two 3-bedroom units and a studio apartment, totaling 11 residences on each floor. These are divided into two wings, with each wing being served by a lift and fire escape staircase on the extreme ends of each floor.  A main central staircase serves both wings.

Each apartment has large windows incorporated to ensure that each home is well lit. Residences will enjoy expansive views of their neighborhood, especially to the front and rear of the building.

Apartment Block DesignThe Typical House

The 1 bedroom apartment has a sitting room with an open plan kitchen. From the sitting room you have a bedroom and a shared bathroom. Each kitchen, also has provisions for an enclosed small balcony yard within 45 sq. meters of living space.

The 2 bedroom apartment has a simple living room with dining space, a kitchen and 2 bedrooms sharing a bathroom, within 52 sq meters of living space.

The 3 bedroom apartment unit offers a shared living room with dining space, a kitchen, a master en-suite bedroom and two other bedrooms sharing a shower and toilet. It offers 92 square meters of living space.

The studio apartment has a self-contained unit with kitchen and bathroom, offering 26 square meters of living space.

Supporting Features

The building is raised off the ground to provide plenty of ground parking, together with additional basement parking to serve all the units.

Water storage is provided for in large underground water tanks together with rooftop water storage.

Integrated building service provisions shall ensure each unit is well serviced with proper security provisions, internet connectivity and modern amenities expected in such a building.

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Land Requirement

The dimensions of the entire building are 40 meters by 23 meters. Therefore you need a quarter acre for this Apartment Block Design.

Apartment Block Design
Studio Apartment
Apartment Block Design
1 Bedroom
Apartment Block Design
2 Bedroom
Apartment Block Design
3 Bedroom
Apartment Block Design
Typical Floor