Today we bring to you the Gala Contemporary 5 Bedroom House Plan. You have a semi-detached bedroom on the outside that works perfectly as a servant’s quarter. A guest wing on the ground floor. A master bedroom and 2 additional bedrooms upstairs. All with their own private bathrooms.

The contemporary house design boasts a sleek and modern exterior design with stone slate cladding adorning the walls, adding a touch of elegance and texture. The exterior is finished with textured paint for a refined look. Wide aluminum casement windows adorn the façade, allowing ample natural light to flood the interior spaces and providing stunning views of the surroundings.

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The Gala Contemporary 5 Bedroom House Plan – Detailed Features

Ground Level:

  1. Entrance Porch
  2. Entrance Lobby
  3. Visitor’s Cloak Room
  4. Home Office
  5. Guest Wing with Private Bathroom
  6. Main Lounge
  7. Dining Room
  8. Rear Terrace
  9. Kitchen
  10. Walk In Pantry
  11. Laundry Room
  12. Back Yard
  13. Semi Detached DSQ

Upper Floor:

  1. Family Room
  2. Family Room Balcony
  3. Master Bedroom with Private Bathroom and Walk In Closet
  4. Home Gym with Spacious Balcony
  5. 2 Bedrooms each with Private Bathroom

Roof Top

  1. Bonus Upper Room
  2. Open Terrace

Sized and Spaces -The Gala Contemporary 5 Bedroom House Plan

This house plan offers the following spaces:

Upper level 180M2

balcony 72M2

Ground floor 24M2

Rooftop 14.9 M2

The Gala Contemporary 5 Bedroom House Plan – Land Requirement 

The footprint of this home is 21M wide by 17 M deep. With this footprint, you need at least a quarter acre piece of land to build this home and have adequate space all around.

Construction Cost

As at May 2024, the cost of building this house is around 24 million. We base our estimates on the Construction Cost Handbook, which is updated annually by the Institute of Quantity Surveyors of Kenya. While this gives a good ballpark figure, remember that construction costs can vary a lot depending on the location and other factors.

Overall, this contemporary three-level house design seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with functionality, creating a sophisticated and comfortable living environment for its occupants.Contemporary 5 Bedroom House Plan

Contemporary 5 Bedroom House Plan