Today we feature a modern contemporary 5 bedroom home located in Nairobi, Kenya.

We have received numerous requests to show case build home. It is not enough to share beautiful home design concepts. Everyone wants to see how our designs are interpreted into real homes.

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Key features of this Modern Contemporary 5 Bedroom Home

  • A large amount of space is acquired at the roof top that can be used in very many different ways – roof top gym, barbecue area, entertainment etc.
  • Amazing views for the roof top
  • Large windows that allow it a lot of light and air. This is a key feature in green sustainable architecture
  • Overhangs and cantilevers provide shaded area at ground level, providing protection for the building from the elements and keeping it cool.
  • Beautiful landscaping that blends well with the overall colors of the building and provide amazing outdoor entertainment space

Modern Contemporary 5 Bedroom Home -Land Requirements:

This home is set on a quarter acre piece of land, leaving enough room to walk all around.

At the back, you have a 3-bedroom guest wing

In Total: This Modern Contemporary 5 Bedroom Home features 5 all en suite bedrooms, visitor’s cloak room and a detached guest wing