Today with bring to you another house plan in Kenya, the Classique 4 Bedroom House Plan.

I personally really like this house plan design; it has a special place in my heart. The name says it all. This is a classic house plan design that is well executed. The spaces are well utilized, all the rooms are just the right size with no wasted or dead spaces. The terraces provided allow you to enjoy the outdoors and give you great views of your surroundings.

The Classique 4 Bedroom House Plan – Description

A semi enclosed lobby takes you into the inside of the house.

The first thing you have, right at the entrance is the staircase. This is a great place to position your staircase where it does not take up a lot of space and is discretely tucked away. We have utilized the space under the staircase to tuck in the share bathroom, private and accessible to all.

On the other side of the staircase, you have a spacious lounge with a nice and cozy dining area at the end. Both the lounge and dining area are spacious to take in all your furniture and give you enough circulation space.

From the lounge, you have a side door that takes you to an outdoor terrace that overlooks the front and side of the house.

Beyond the lounge, you have a spacious kitchen with a walk-in pantry and a kitchen island. The kitchen has a door to the backyard, where you have a dhobi area. You have 1 en-suite bedroom downstairs.

As you enter the bedroom downstairs, there is a small enclosed space that is just right for a washer and drier. The machines are piped to the bathroom behind. This room makes a Perfect indoor laundry room.

Ground Floor

  • A Spacious Lounge with an Out Door Terrace
  • Spacious Dining Room
  • Kitchen with a Walk-in Pantry and a Nice Kitchen Island
  • Back Yard with Dhobi Area
  • 1 En Suite Bedroom Down Stairs
  • Small Indoor Laundry Room

1st Floor

  • Master Bedroom with Walk In Closet and Master Balcony facing the side of the house.
  • 2 Other Spacious En-Suite Bedroom. Each can comfortably fit 2 single beds and working areas.
  • The rooms upstairs all have access to a common balcony facing the front of the house.

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Land Requirements for the Classique 4 Bedroom House Plan

The total size of the house is 197m2, offering a ground floor area of 101M2 and an upper floor area of 96M2 and an additional 32M2 of terrace space.

The overall plinth dimension is 13.8 meters by 13.6 meters.

This design is perfectly suited to fit on an eighth of an acre piece of land, that is 50*100 Feet.

In Total: The Classique 4 Bedroom House Plan has 4 Bedrooms, 4 and a half Bathrooms.

4 Bedroom House Plan

4 Bedroom House Plan
4 Bedroom House Plan
4 Bedroom House Plan