In this post, we are taking a look at the Fedha 3 Bedroom Bungalow House Plan, a 100M2 house that is perfect for a small family.

Tight budget and small parcels of land call for small and simple house plans. Small house plans are actually very popular all over the world. Many people do not see the need or do not have the means (that is money and land) to tie up a lot of capital in a big house. Visit our House Plans page for more options.

Keep in mind that a small 3 bedroom house plan does not have to be drab, common or boring. There are ways to make a small bungalow house plan stylish and classy.

The Fedha 3 bedroom house design has a unique modern look, with a flat roof and large windows and well organized floor plan.

The Fedha 3 Bedroom Bungalow House Plan – Features

  • Entrance Porch
  • Modest Lounge
  • Dining Room
  • Enclosed Kitchen
  • Master En-Suite Bedroom
  • 2 other Bedrooms (Sharing a Bathroom)
  • Separate Bathroom and Shower

This 3 bedroom house plan has a semi enclosed front porch that leads to the inside of the house. You have the living room and the dining room seated side by side. The lounge and dining area are just the right size for a small family.

The kitchen is seated right behind the dining area. From the kitchen, you have a door that leads to the outdoor side porch.

All the bedrooms are located towards the back. In a bungalow house design this is a small way to try and separate the private areas from the public areas.

You have 2 equal sized bedroom that have a shared bathroom. These 2 bedroom are spacious enough for 2 single beds. The shared bathroom is also shared with your guests. For this to work well, you have a shower separate from the toilet.

The master bedroom is right at the corner, to maximize on privacy. The master bedroom is modest in size with its own modest private bathroom.

The Fedha 3 Bedroom Bungalow House Plan – Sizes and Spaces

As earlier stated, this house plans has a total of 100M2.   The plinth dimension is 7.5 Meters by 13.6 Meters.
You can comfortably build this house plan on a 40*60 piece of land. 12M by 18M. You will have a decent amount of space left all around.

Construction Cost

For the construction cost, we are using the rated provided in the latest building and construction cost hand book by Institute of quantity surveyors (2019/2020.

The estimated cost of construction for this house is about 3.5M. As we always say, a lot of factors affect the cost of construction. The location of the project, the materials used, the finishes used and so on.

That is the Fedha 3 Bedroom Bungalow House Plan, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.