The Neo Contemporary 4 Bedroom House Plan has been designed for a small and narrow parcels of land.

When you buy land, say an 1/8th acre, you may be surprised to discover that it actually is not an exact eight. When land is being sub divided for resale some amount can be taken out to cater for roads and circulation leading to properties a little smaller than an eight.

County regulations can also require you to leave a certain amount of land between your plot boundary and the house, what we call plot setback. These requirements differ from county to county.

These reasons can leave you with a narrow lot to work with. We have designed this house plan for a narrow lot. The house plan extended out in a linear fashion. The floor plans will still provide you with all the spaces you need on both floors.

You can also prefer this set up to use a little land as possible and put the remaining land for other uses.

The Neo Contemporary 4 Bedroom House Plan – Detailed Description

A nice entrance porch leads up to the entrance hall of this modern house plan, where you also have the shared cloak room, well positioned for guests. This contemporary house design has an extra spacious lounge complete with an inviting fire place. The fire place can be decorative but if you are building in a cold place, you can put it to full use.

The large kitchen has an adjoining pantry, and a dining hall to one side.

On ground floor, you have one en suite bedroom and behind the house, you have a self-contained servant’s quarters.

Ground Floor

  • Spacious Living Room
  • Kitchen with Adjoining Pantry
  • Dining Room
  • En Suite Bedroom
  • Cloak Room
  • Servant quarters

Upstairs you have a nice cozy TV area. You also have two other en suite bedrooms that have direct access to a back balcony.

The spacious master bedroom has a bathroom complete with a walk-in closet and access to a roof terrace to the front. The roof terrace can also be accessed from the TV area.

Upper Floor

  • Master Bedroom with an En Suite Bathroom and walk-in dresser
  • 2 en-suite bedrooms with direct access to the back facing balcony
  • TV Area with access to the front facing terrace
  • Front facing terrace and back facing balcony
  • TV Area

The Neo Contemporary 4 Bedroom House Plan– Sizes and Spaces

This contemporary house plan is designed to fit on a 40 by 80 piece of land.

This house plan has a plinth dimension of 10.6M by 17.5M excluding the SQ or 10.6M by 24M Including SQ.

The ground level is a total of 118M2 and the upper level is a total of 87M2. The servant’s quarters has a total of 19M2.

Total area is 224M2 for the main house and SQ.

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In Total: The Neo Contemporary 4 Bedroom House Plan 4 Bedrooms All En Suite, 4 Bathrooms, 1 Cloak Room (Half Bath)

Contemporary 4 Bedroom House Plan
Ground Floor Plan
Contemporary 4 Bedroom House Plan
Upper Level Floor Plan