It is easy to see why ceramic tile floor tiles are such an exciting part of interior design in Kenya. Indeed not just in Kenya but the whole world over, the use of tiles has seen unsurpassed popularity with regard to their durability in use, versatile style and ability to be fixed easily. With such advantages as part of its intrinsic capabilities, there is a lot that tiles can provide solutions for in the course of their lifespan. Great interior design recognizes this.


Ceramic Tiles in Interior Design in Kenya

ceramic tiles for interior design in kenyaWe are familiar with the crafts of pottery and use of natural clay to fabricate various materials such as vitreous china, chinaware and crockery, and of course, pottery. This age old traditional craft has evolved over the years, to become a very advanced industry that is a far cry from the cottage industries it came from once upon a time.  It is from this line of materials that the whole element of ceramic tiles hailed from, and their role in interior design in Kenya today cannot be overemphasized.

It is interesting to note how interior design in Kenya has shaped the real estate scene within the country. Various drivers have been noted that influence how real estate is treated within the Kenyan market. Depending on target market, which is interested in a particular kind of development in the market, a project can be designed to take into account of what is the best-case scenario, and best viability in the market.


We often believe that most people are looking for the most pocket friendly solution to their immediate need, more so when we are talking about issues such as real estate. Investments in this sector are likely to be quite extensive in their capital requirements, and they are not delved into lightly. However it is also the case that these kinds of investments due to their very expensive nature call for the investor to demand the best value for money that they can get from a given investment.


The whole element of best value for money calls for the investors in real estate to demand the best that they can get out of a corresponding investment. Thus, the issue of quality comes to the fore. By the time someone has spent several thousand dollars or even to the tune of millions as are likely to be seen in developing markets today, they are simply calling for as great value for the money that they can afford. Someone wants the best quality of project that can be achieved especially regarding interior design in Kenya.


Ceramic tiles offer a cost friendly alternative to achieve quality interior design in Kenya

One of the best parts about using ceramic tiles is the fact that it is relatively simple to install on the site of your choosing. Their application within interior design in Kenya has been limitless. There are various areas with which a ceramic tile can be applied on within an interior design scheme. Virtually any surface or plane on a scheme can take well to these tiles, probably apart from the ceiling.


If one is interested in creating an easy to clean and easy maintenance finish within an interior design scheme, tiles are the way to go. With a little grout and a good tile design pattern and motif, a good tile fixer can create an impressive tile design scheme. Interesting color schemes and tile patterns can be achieved in a manner that will enhance contrast and texture and overally increase the quality of the space. Interior design in Kenya is enhanced through the use of tiles creatively on floors and walls especially.


For some of the challenges of installing ceramic tiles within an interior design scheme, well there aren’t many! Apart from probably the challenge of getting a good tile layer, the main issue that large projects face is the whole element of availability of sufficient numbers of a specific ceramic tile. This may necessitate an interior design in Kenya project to be delayed in some circumstances, especially when it is very large. The options in such cases when suppliers do not have the same tile in large enough quantities is to have the tiles ordered directly from a tile manufacturer.


Disadvantages of using ceramic tiles in interior design in Kenya

The most obvious disadvantage of using ceramic tiles in your interiors is the fact that ceramics as a material have the distinct disadvantage of absorbing heat in a manner that gives them a very cold surface. This can be undesirable especially within the context of a residential home in areas that have continuous occupation such as bedrooms and living areas. They work great in wet areas, but even then using non slip variants of the tiles.

The best way to mitigate this effect in circumstances when ceramic tiles have to be used in a space is to integrate plenty of soft furnishings within that space to soften the hard feel of the tiles. Options to do this with regard to interior design in Kenya is to use plenty of drapery within the space such as curtains and hangings, as well as applying a good carpet to reduce the level of tile exposure.


Ceramic tiles can be obtained from most leading tile manufacturers in Kenya, including Saj Ceramics, Ideal Ceramics, Rak Ceramics and a host of others. Many suppliers also import wholesale tiles from Italy, Spain, Dubai and China. Depending on your pocket, you can be able to achieve interesting patterns using both local and imported tiles when dealing with interior design in Kenya.

That being said, there are lots of options for achieving great interior design in Kenya using ceramic tiles.