Commercial projects being undertaken by interior designers in Kenya can be very interesting to construct. There are particular areas of interest that the developer may be interested in achieving on the completed premises. a good interior designer will be in position to create strong interior schemes that will stand the test of time. This article explores what goes into making a good interior design project.

Tips for interior designers in Kenya doing Commercial Interiors

Various projects with major interior design component are available in today’s market. Business entities are involved in setting up new bases of operations in their bid for stronger presence in the marketplace. There are several areas of interest which each of them seeks to promote within their business interests. Interior designers in Kenya are hence faced with a need to ensure the projects they are dealing with properly respond to these issues.


Functionality of commercial spaces by interior designers in Kenya

Having great functional spaces are an integral part of designing great commercial interiors. Functional interiors basically means that the spaces so designed by interior designers in Kenya must be ergonomically designed and well balanced. Spaces need to have good interrelationship with each other and activity flows must be rational. Positioning of spaces should be such as to ensure ease of flow between spaces. Privacy gradients should also be observed to make sure the spaces so created provide clear distinction between private areas and more public so spaces.


For example it has become commonplace for interior designers in Kenya to design offices with meeting spaces that are located near the entrance of the office.

Functionality within offices has led to the popularity of open plan offices within the corporate environment. Open plan offices afford organizations opportunity to segregate and provide for various cadres of staff according to their needs, all within an environment of transparency within the office place. Good transparency allows individuals within the workplace to interact as colleagues while ensuring that senior staffs have good visual oversight over the rest of the office.


Aesthetics are still an important consideration for interior designers in Kenya

There have long been particular types of interior spaces associated with design of office spaces on interiors. Traditional ways that interior designers in Kenya of the past designed interiors has now been superseded by advances in the construction industry that allow designers to do building interiors in a whole new way.

There are exciting means of designing interiors simply by use of modern Cad techniques intermingled with modern construction materials. In the past, spaces created in interiors had to be regular and conventional. However, with the coming of modern materials such as glass and gypsum, interior designers in Kenya can now have the option of designing interiors that defy old norms. Spaces that one create in interiors can now have unconventional configurations according to a designer and client’s aspirations. In addition, it is now possible to ensure maximum functionality of such spaces simply through use of specially designed modular furniture that can make use of even uneven irregular spaces in interiors. The sky is the limit in terms of the possibilities.


New materials afford interior designers in Kenya opportunity to create new concepts

Interior designers are often commissioned to create specific internal ambiance in the design schemes that they are working on. By manipulating spatial elements such as light, size of the space, dimensions of spaces, and surface textures, a myriad of options can be effected within an interior design scheme.

Creative use of interior finishes can work wonders within commercial interiors. The ability to think outside the mold with regard to available materials and finishes is what gives a unique feel to interiors of spaces. Ideas can be generated from the most unlikely of sources, and the more unconventional the better. Signature interiors are different from other internal spaces one may have seen and experienced elsewhere. This is what creates the wow factor. Interior designers in Kenya in order to remain creative must be able to keep their eyes open to see new concepts to integrate in their interiors.

For example, having a simple drywall partition may look very simple and normal to create within a building. However one can create a very different feel using the same material by using textured painting, or creation of patterns in relief using modules of the same boarding. This can be further dramatized by use of contrasting paint colors between the materials.

The use of contrasting materials and textures is a great way that interior designers in Kenya are able to conceive interesting interiors. For example, one can use a gypsum partition contrasted with a roughcast stone tile finish on an adjoining feature wall. This can again be contrasted through the use of natural timber finishes, which have a totally different effect from industrial materials such as stainless steel.

Involve Interior designers in Kenya To Take Your Interiors To A New Level

living room interior designers in kenyaAs one can see, various options can be followed in order to create interiors that are elegant and functional. It takes one creativity and level of exposure to the options that are available in the market to create interiors that are functional and beautiful. It is in the interest of the client developing commercial interiors to work with skilled interior designers in Kenya to develop great commercial interiors.