houses for sale in Athi River by Kenyan architect

From the moment you drive up to the main entrance of this prestigious development of modern houses for sale in Kenya, a sense of peace and tranquility hits you. As you breathe in the fresh air and take in the serenity, feel the silence of the plains envelop your senses.  In front of your eyes lie exquisite bungalows in Hi-Tech modern style, beckoning to you to spend your life here. You have arrived at MtoMawe Homes.


MtoMawe Homes – Modern Classy Residences For You


The Lifestyle

modern houses for sale in Kenya, MtoMawe Homes

The MtoMawe Homes

For the one interested in building a peaceful home in a beautiful environment, MtoMawe Homes is just right for you. If you are interested in being not too far from the city, yet living in a cozy environment offering you peace, peace and more peace, MtoMawe Homes are built for you.

With your neighbors being close to you, there is a great sense of friendly neighborliness that is built into this gated community. Using simple planning, everything is right where it should be.


Amenities in Close Proximity

As an emerging neighborhood, the growth of services and infrastructure in the area means that you are not too far from what you need when you are at home. Be it schools, medical facilities, a police post, or simple leisurely relaxation. There is an option available to you just a few minutes’ drive from your home.


modern houses for sale in kenya - Mtomawe HomesThat means your lifestyle can continue within this haven of peace. You can drive to work in Nairobi, and be back at home in the evening. You can drive to the airport, which is even closer if you need to catch the next flight. The Athi River Town is only a 10 minutes’ drive if you need to get suppliers from larger merchant stores such as Tuskys or Nakumatt. Your peaceful lifestyle abode does not need to become a hermitage, unless you want it to.


Location of MtoMawe Homes

Located on the Athi Plains, and off the banks of the Mto Mawe River (Stony Athi), this prestigious modern housing development lies 6 kilometers off the Nairobi Mombasa Highway close to Kenani Development in Mavoko Township.


It is easily accessible from the highway via an all weather road leading to the property. Various estate developments have come up in the recent past in this general area including Green Park, Lukenya Hills and Graceland Athi among others. It is a budding residential belt that offers residents of Nairobi a genuine alternative to staying in affordable suburbs close to the city.


Modern houses for sale in Kenya, MtoMawe HomesMtoMawe Homes is a modern styled addition to this residential belt and offer a great competitive alternative to those interested in buying a home in Kenya.


The area is well served via regularly graded all-weather access roads. Electricity from the main grid is available, and borehole water is in use around this development.


MtoMawe Homes – What You Get As You Buy In


When investing in a home for yourself, you want class. Well, that is what you get at MtoMawe Homes. A crisp sense of quality and detail underlines every surface and edge of each home. The beauty of the exteriors follows through to the interiors, offering residents a lifestyle in a home of beauty within and outside each house.


Modern Style – Sustainable Design

Sustainability is something any conscientious potential home owner should be aware of due to the obvious savings that accrue over the lifespan of a building. One of the ways that MtoMawe Homes seeks to do this is through the application of sustainable principles in its makeup.


Modern Houses To Purchase In Kenya - MtoMawe HomesThe large openings (windows) that characterize the Modern Style allow in plenty of light into the interior of the home, allowing it to be brightly lit and comfortable. With the deep overhanging roof eaves and sun shading pergolas above the deck, sensitive rooms such as the bedroom are not overexposed to sunshine, and heat gain into the rooms is controlled.


With the curved roof profile, rain water is collected on one side of the house and channeled to underground water tanks, ideal for domestic use. This water is recyclable for the swimming pool (did we say swimming pool? Nice!), or for general gardening.

Modern Houses For Sale in Kenya - MtoMawe Homes

the carport and entrance


A simple recycling system for grey water from the house is employed to further enhance water storage on site.


Widespread use of timber and local stone from nearby ensures that the property has been constructed using sustainable materials.


An Architectural Form That Is Trendy

The form of the MtoMawe Homes is trendy, if there is any word to describe it. The outlook of the buildings is patterned on the current HiTech Modern Style of residential architecture, characterized by large openings and strong pure geometric forms. The house looks instantly recognizable, and unique enough to be a signature building.

Modern Homes For Sale - MtoMawe Homes

The spread of the bungalow echoes the undulating plain’s landscape on which the entire development has been created. Extensive use of natural materials such as brick tiling and integration of landscape ensure that MtoMawe Homes are eco friendly, and beautifully merge with the environment.


Tasteful Interiors and Finishes

The choice of finishes employed in the MtoMawe Homes depicts the classy lifestyle that residents shall enjoy living here.


modern homes for sale - MtoMawe HomesBeautiful timber finishing contrast with smooth textured paint walls to bring beauty to every wall in the living rooms and bedrooms. Wide windows offer great views of the poolside, as well as breathtaking views of the serene landscape surrounding the homes. Use of decorative ironmongery adorns doors and light fixtures.


modern houses for sale in kenya - MtoMawe Homes

the living room

For residents who may not want the large windows to be left with large windowpanes, it is possible to fit windows with burglarproof frames to enhance their enclosure. However security for the development is ensured from the periphery of this gated community to ensure residents are safe.



The Living Area and Adjoining Kitchen

modern homes for sale in kenya - MtoMawe Homes

the bar and the open plan kitchen

The spacious living room offers comfort to residents with a lovely ornate fireplace adorning the center focus. Adjacent to it lies the dining area and a granite topped bar counter or breakfast nook, where residents can enjoy a quick family breakfast or guests can be served with a drink.


Sliding doors allow guests to move onto the spacious terrace overlooking the pool for a nice poolside barbeque. Talk of a fun lifestyle!


Modern homes for sale in kenya, MtoMawe HomesA fully fitted kitchen overlooks the dining area and living room, complete with extensive storage space in terms of drawers and cabinets. The kitchen ensures proper storage and cooking functions are taken care of with minimal disturbance to those in the living room.


The Swimming Pool

Need we say more? A small pool in the warm tropical climate of this area is a gift sent from heaven! And in the comfort of one’s backyard!


mtoMawe homes, homes for sale in kenya

the swimming pool

This feature alone justifies the commute from the busy CBD to your own compound complete with watery fun! While it is not Olympic sized, the swimming pool allows its residents to enjoy a swim in the comfort of home. Of course, appropriate child protection mechanisms are included, least of which is to make the pool only 4 – 5 feet deep. Safe enough for children to swim.


The swimming pool is adjacent to the outside deck that spans nearly the whole rear of the home. This deck offers great space for external entertainment and parties, or simple recluse.


The Bedrooms

All bedrooms are ensuite, offering each room a shower, a toilet and a hand basin. With fully fitted cabinets, comfortable storage for residents is assured.

Modern homes for sale in kenya, MtoMawe Homes

the house layout


Modern Homes For Sale In Kenya - MtoMawe Homes

the layout of the home

The master bedroom has the advantage of larger space with more cabinets, a bathroom with a fitted tub, and a large corner panoramic window offering magnificent views of the surrounding plains.


MtoMawe Homes – Beautiful Homes At an Affordable Price


MtoMawe Homes houses for sale in KenyaThe MtoMawe Homes are every bit worth their value, and then some. Having a great home is a worthwhile investment, and these homes live up to that standard. Rather than invest in another property located elsewhere that does not offer you a quality lifestyle, it makes better sense to put your money into buying a signature home in a tranquil environment.

There is an extra incentive for those who are resident in the diaspora and are interested in purchasing these houses. A special mortgage arrangement allowing you to purchase yourself one of these units at interest rates as low as 8% can be arranged.

With an introductory pricing of just 7.5 million Kenya Shillings, these homes are the epitome of great value.



Hurry and book one unit for yourself. Contact us on 0738882877 to book a unit. Act now, before the MtoMawe Homes are all gone. Awesome houses for sale in Kenya.



MtoMawe Homes For Sale In Kenya near Nairobi

Location of MtoMawe Homes at Kenani, Athi River