1. What kind of building are thinking of putting up?
    What style and size of building are you thinking of putting up that will answer your needs and your desires?
  2. Enumerate the space that you need in your building. How many bedrooms do you needs? How many bathrooms? What other rooms do you want to have?
  3. Be very clear about the size of your property. What the real dimensions of your plot on ground? Do not make an assumption. An 1/8th acre piece of land can have very different dimension. Most people assume that all 1/8th acres have a dimension of 50 feet *100 feet.
  4. Will you be allowed to build that building on that piece of land? What are the county regulations in your area?
  5. What is the project feasibility of what you want to build? Are you maximizing the potential of your property?
  6. What is your construction budget? How much are you willing to commit to maximize your plot?

Join us in this video as we discuss these questions.

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