Today we bring you the Kilele Apartment Block Design. The Kilele Apartment block is a contemporary medium-rise residential apartment block with a modern and classy look. It features 4 apartments on each floor with a total of 6 floors. This gives you a total of 24 units.

If you are interested in a small commercial development, with limited land and resources this is a great one to consider.

The Kilele Apartment Block Design – Description of the building

This is a beautiful contemporary apartment design. Very modern and tasteful  home design. It has great amenities to serve the residents, ensuring that  you attract high end tenants.

Parking can be a nightmare when it comes to apartments especially with limited land to work with. In this design, the entire ground floor is used as parking lot to ensure sufficient parking for your residents.

By law, when you have 6 floors you do not necessarily need a lift/elevator but if you take this beyond the six floors, you will be required to have an elevator.

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The typical floor –

On each floor you have 2 wings with 2 apartments per wing for a total of 4 apartments. One wing has 2 2-bedroom apartments and the other with has 2 1-bedroom apartments. Each apartment faces the outside, ensuring that each home gets more than adequate natural light and views to the outside.

The staircase runs through the middle of the building. You have a passageway running from the staircase to each wing. This ensures a good level of privacy between the homes and the staircase where all the traffic will be passing.

The typical house –

The layout of the 2-bedroom apartment is as follows-

You have a good-sized living room with a spacious wrap around balcony. You have a good sized kitchen with a barstool counter seating area. The kitchen and living room are in an open plan setup.

You have master bedroom with a private master bathroom. You have a second bedroom and finally a full bathroom shared by the second bedroom and your guests.

Each of the 2-bedroom apartments has a total of 58M2 of living space and a balcony of 10M2.

Here is the layout of the 1-bedroom apartment

You have a good-sized living room with a large wrap around balcony. You have a good-sized kitchen with a barstool counter seating area.

You have a master bedroom and a seperate bathroom shared by you and your guests.

Each of the 2-bedroom apartments has a total of 53M2 of living space and a balcony of 10M2.

Each master bedroom for all the apartments has a Juliet Balcony with large top to bottom windows. You can enjoy some amazing views with this Juliet balcony.

The Kilele Apartment Block Design- Supporting features

1. Roof Top

The Kilele Apartment block has an amazing roof top space. It provides outdoor seating areas that give amazing views from that height and give residences a chill out outdoor entertainment area.

The roof top is also where you have our hanging lines. Every home will have enough space for their laundry.

You also have enough space on the roof top to set up your solar panels to serve all the apartments.

2. Water Storage

You have your water storage tanks set up on top of the staircase shaft. This provides adequate amount of water storage, and the height ensures that you have good water pressure to serve the apartments.

3. Parking

The ground floor is a parking lot, providing more that enough parking bays for the residents and their guests. No parking headache as is common with apartment in Nairobi.

4. Building Services

Integrated building service provisions are provided for each unit. This covers internet connectivity, security CCTV and access control features and centralized TV and intercom systems.

The Kilele Apartment Block Design – Land Requirement

The plinth dimension or the footprint of the entire apartment block is 14.3M by 19.3M. With this footprint, you need to have at least a 50*100 piece of land. That’s an 1/8th acre piece of land.

Construction Budget

The construction cost of such a housing apartment block varies greatly. Location, state of you land, types of soils are all factors that come into play. If you want to know more on the construction cost, get in touch with us. We will discuss the cost base on the unique aspects of your particular project. A good budget would be in the region of 60M but as I said, there are a lot of factors to consider.

If you are as a family or a chama or even an individual would like to put up such an apartment block as an investment, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We are readily available to work with you and customize this apartment block to your needs and budget.

So in summary, the Kilele apartment block Design features 12 2 bedroom apartments and 12 1 bedroom apartments with a rooftop recreational space and ample ground floor parking.