Today we bring to you the Archers a bar and restaurant design. This is one is for those who would like to invest in the hospitality industry by building a unique bar and restaurant that will offer you target market class, comfort, and great entertainment.

The Archers bar and restaurant Design features a commercial building which has been designed as a restaurant and bar within an elegant airy environment, encouraging an indoor-outdoor experience. The styling of the restaurant is a low-rise building, with earthy materials that blend in with the surrounding landscape.

The building’s open architecture is to encourage visual interaction between those in the building and the street front, thus encouraging people to come in and have a meal. The openness also gives people a good outdoor feel even while they enjoy their favorite meal or drink.

Key Features of the The Archers Bar and Restaurant Design

  • You have 2 floors in this set up. Downstairs, you have your kitchen, various seating areas as well as the bathrooms. Upstairs you have your main bar and additional seating area.
  • Comfortable seating arrangement with a mix of bar seating, booths, tables and private seating areas. This helps to take care of different groups of patrons either looking for public or private sitting for different numbers of people.
  • You also have some shops on one side where you can rent out space for say a car wash and other supporting businesses such as salons, car accessories, Mpesa and other money transfer businesses and so on. This is a great way of making your bar a restaurant, a one stop shop with easily available and convenient services for your patrons.

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  • Entrance Lobby
  • Semi-Private tables
  • Open area tables
  • Booths
  • Counter seats
  • Private Kitchen
  • Cold Storage
  • Workers Washrooms (Ladies/Gents)
  • Public Washrooms (Ladies/Gents)


  • Bar
  • Open Seating Tables
  • Booths
  • Bar Counter Seating


  • Parking Area
  • Car Wash Area
  • To Let Shops
  • Management Office

Land Requirements for the Archers Bar and Restaurant Design

With that dimension, this bar and restaurant set up is suitable for a 100*100 that is a quarter acre piece of land. This will allow you to build your bar and restaurant, have more than enough parking for your patrons as well as adequate space to set up your supporting businesses and shout outside the bar.


Sizes and Spaces

The Archers Bar and Restaurant Design has a total of 552 Square Meters.

Upstairs 258M2

Downstairs 264M2

Construction Cost

Bar and restaurants are intricate projects. The interiors, furniture and fittings are a big deal and will differ greatly from one project to another. The cost of construction will therefore vary greatly depending on what you want as the owner.


In conclusion that is the Archers Bar and Restaurant Design – a modern and elegant 2 story bar and restaurant.

Bar and Restaurant Design

Bar and Restaurant Design Bar and Restaurant Design Bar and Restaurant Design