The Waridi Apartment is a classy contemporary medium-rise residential apartment block with a modern and sleek look. This modern apartment block gives you a total of 4 floors and it features 2 bedroom, 1 bedroom and bedsitters units that are simple but very functional. A total of 8 units in each floor. That gives you a total of 32 units in the entire apartment block.

If you are interested in a mid level commercial development, with a small parcel of land to work with, this would be a great one to consider.

Architectural Style and Aesthetics:

  • Modern and minimalist apartment design with clean lines.
  • Utilization of sustainable and eco-friendly building materials.
  • Large windows for natural light and ventilation.

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The Waridi Apartment Block – Floor Setup

The entire apartment has a total of 4 levels. On each level you have the staircase shaft, floor lobby and a passageway, leading to each house. You have 2 light wells open to the sky that help to bring it air and light to each floor.

The total area of each floor is  339m2.

Setup of each Floor

  • Two-bedroom units (40 sq. m. each)
  • 3 One-bedroom units (30 sq. m. each)
  • 1 Bedsitter (16 sq. m.)

Two-Bedroom Units – 4 per floor

  • Compact yet functional design with an area of 40 sq. m. per unit.
  • Open plan living and kitchen area, two bedrooms, and a bathroom.
  • Access to a private balcony for outdoor space.

A door brings you into the 2-bedroom unit where you have a kitchen and living room seating in an open plan setup. You have the guest bathroom – easily accessible to your guests. At the back you have your master bedroom with a private bathroom and the second bedroom.

One-Bedroom Units – 3 per floor

  • Efficient use of space with an area of 30 sq. m. per unit.
  • Open living and kitchen area, one bedroom, and a bathroom.
  • Access to a communal terrace or balcony.

The one-bedroom units have similar floor plan setup. You have the living room and kitchen in an open plan set up. The bedroom is set up right at the back and you have a bathroom that serves the resident and your guests conveniently.

Bedsitter – 1 per floor

  • Cozy design with an area of 16 sq. m. per unit.
  • Combined living and sleeping space, kitchenette, and a bathroom.
  • Ideal for single occupants.

The bedsitter is a simple self-contained unit. It has your bed area with space around it to set up a small couch and study table. You have a small kitchenette and bathroom provided.

The Waridi Apartment Block – Other Features

Roof-Top Features:

  • Laundry Hanging Lines. Concealed and organized hanging lines for residents’ laundry.
  • Chillout Seating Areas – These are Shaded seating areas that you can set up with comfy furniture. This gives the residence a place where they can hangout with their friends and enjoy the views all around.

Greenery and landscaping for a relaxed ambiance.

Water Tanks:

You have water tanks setup at the rooftop services all the homes.

Space-efficient water tanks for rainwater harvesting.

Sustainable water management practices.

The Waridi Apartment Block – 31 total homes – A mix of 2 bedroom, 1 bedroom and bedsitter, for a total of 8 Units on each floor.


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