Introducing Kenani Homes

Looking to buy your home in Kenya? Look no further, you have arrived.

When the design of a housing development takes account of great quality, then something great results. Looking at the manner with which the town houses have been created, the embodiment of class has been built into these units. Space and quality meet in this development, with each development oozing character and class.


Kenani Homes – Buy Your Home In Kenya, The Place To Be!


Kenani Homes to buy in Kenya

The Kenani Homes

Located on the sprawling plains of Kenanie, Athi River, the Kenani Homes  town houses will offer a new experience in a luxurious residential lifestyle within this new suburban neighborhood.

Sitting on a quarter acre of beautiful land, each of these villas shall offer their residents with a comfortable homely environment that is befitting of their status as the cream of society. Indeed having a place that gives the comfort and joy of home within such a picturesque and quiet ambience is in itself a great reward to those who will live here.


Turning on the class at home.

Kenani Homes To Buy In Kenya

The Kenani Homes

A beautiful home is the desire of many. More so a picturesque place that makes you want to be at home always, living and working in a homely environment that  offers comfort and space. A place that is the envy of many. The culmination of class. With such a place, owners will definitely be getting value for money as pertains to what they will  call home.


Buy Your Home In Kenya With All The Space You Need.

With a whopping 4600 square feet of plinth area, the houses at Kenani Homes offer a great opportunity to live in the kind of space that you have previously only dreamt about. The units offer plenty of room for family activities, while allowing different users of the home to enjoy sufficient provisions for them.

Kenani Homes to buy in Kenya

The Kenani Homes

Kenani Houses To Buy In Kenya

The Side View

kenani homes to buy in Kenya

The Rear with the Swimming Pool


Kenani houses to buy in Kenya

Kenani Houses to buy in Kenya

The Backyard

Kenani Homes to buy in Kenya

The Rear View






















For example, the provision of a great room allows for the family to entertain, while the adjoining family room will offer the family room to relax away from the public glare. The room also would be awesome as a home entertainment room, opening up onto a large external patio overlooking the swimming pool.


Each House Offers Great Space!

The accommodation schedule of each house comprises of:

  1. Living room
  2. Family room with built in fireplace
  3. Kitchen with adjoining storage and larder.
  4. Dining Room
  5. Ensuite Home office which can work as a guest bedroom
  6. 4 Ensuite bedrooms with walk in dresser cabinets.
  7. Two vehicle parking garage.
  8. Two vehicle parking bays externally.
  9. Swimming pool.


kenani homes to buy in Kenya

The ground floor layout

Kenani homes to buy in Kenya

The Upper Floor Layout


kenani homes to buy in Kenya

The Frontage

With this kind of provision, these houses are sure to make their owners happy. Indeed they can also function extremely well as housing units for the purpose of holiday stay for a family using the timeshare slots arrangement, allowing its owners to gain rental income even during moments that they are not using the units at certain times of the year.


Buy Your Home In Kenya For Investment Purposes!

This can be a great opportunity for diaspora buyers interested in owning a home in Kenya in a place you would want to come and retire to. Before getting there, you can get your place to continue to earn some revenue.


kenani homes to buy in Kenya

Kenani Homes Frontage

With such an extensive array of features, the Kenani Homes will definitely make great business sense for their buyers. At the same time, investing in buying one of these units makes great sense from the perspective that owners will own a home that they will be happy to live in whichever the case.

 Buy Your Home In Kenya Today!

A key consideration for the purchase of any home is a great price. For a unit of this size, the asking price is KES 20 million shillings or USD 236,000. This is very competitive considering the size of the house.

A special diaspora discount can be arranged for those who are interested in making a purchase from outside the country, and it is possible to obtain competitive mortgage financing at rates as low as 8% per annum! Now that’s a great deal.

Living in such a beautiful home need no longer be something to only dream about, make it happen! Contact us today to book one of these exquisite units for yourself. Buy your home in Kenya today!