A 4 Homes Gated Community -Four 3 Bedroom Contemporary Bungalows Gated Community on 3/8th Acre

This particular project features a 4 3 bedroom contemporary bungalows gated community. These bungalow homes are build on land that measures 100 Feet by 150 Feet. This is 3/8th of an acre – to put that in a much clearer way for you, think 3 1/8th acre plots put together. Do you have some idle [...]

House Plans in Kenya – The Deluxe Bungalow House Plan Variations

The Deluxe Bungalow House Plan, one in our House Plans in Kenya series, has been a favorite house plan for many because of its beauty, simplicity and functionality. It works well in providing adequate space for a small family. We have created several variations of this house plan to meet different needs. Here is a [...]

Guest House Refurbishment and Extention

Here is a short video giving details on a hotel architecture project we undertook some time back. This guest house needed a new wing to provide for rooms. A new wing of 20 double and single rooms was done. The existing spaces needed a face lift and some interior design. We refurbished the board room [...]

House Plans in Kenya – The Mtomawe Bungalow Plan

The styling of the house plan is such that it fits easily within a plot the size of one eighth of an acre, having overall dimensions of 18.6 x 11.9 meters (62′ by 39′). With a plinth area of 150 square meters (1614 square feet), this house plan offers residents with a large rear terrace [...]

House Plans in Kenya – The A-House Plan

The A-House Plan is one of our favorite house plan designs for an executive home design for the conscientious prospective home owner. It has a Victorian classical feel, together with a touch of stone architecture that is familiar to the hearts of many home owners in East Africa. […]

Beautiful Houses For Sale In Kenya, To Buy Or Not To Buy…

Designing of great houses for sale in Kenya requires a thing of beauty for them to be successful. The whole process of purchasing a housing unit is a very instinctive and intuitive process. Buyers of such units will purchase what they feel in their hearts as the place with sufficient appeal to meet that desire [...]

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