1.       I like this house plan. How can I get it?

All you need to do is get in touch with us via our Cant Us form, specifying the house plan you want. Kindly provide a telephone number and will revert with all the details on how you can get your house plan. It is important to check your spam folder because some of our emails are filtered off and you never get to see them.

2.       I like this house plan but I’d like some changes made on it

That is what we are here for! All the house plans can be altered to fit your needs. All you have to do is get in touch with us or visit our offices and we will discuss and make the necessary changes. Your satisfaction is our highest goal.

3.       When I pay for a house plan, what exactly do I get?

Once payment is received, you are entitle to receive the main drawings of the house, i.e. floor plans, a foundation plan, sections and elevations of the building structure. We would provide 5 copies of stamped architectural blueprints which would be sufficient for you to get approved and build with.

4.       I want this house plan but before I commit I would like to meet you

You are welcomed to visit our office for a face to face discussion.  We are located at Park Place Business Centre, Park Place 2nd Floor, 2nd Parklands Avenue, off Limuru Road. Kindly call us for an appointment so that we can make plans accordingly. You can also reach us on +254 721318614, +254 738 882877, +254 721 411606

5.       Are the house plans pre-approved by the government?

The simple answer is No. The house plans we sell are not pre-approved. You will have to seek approval by your county government. However, we do not abandon you once you purchase our house plan. We will ensure that you get all the documents necessary for you to get approvals. If need be, for a small facilitation fee, we will handle the approval process for you.

6.       Why do I have to pay this much for a house plan?

A home is a huge investment that will cost you millions of shillings. The first step of this investment is to get a good house plan that you like and one that meets your needs. Do not get tempted to cut corners and go cheap because you will end up with a home you don’t really like and start struggling to make changes later. Think about it, a house plan is just but a small percentage of the total investment. The real expense will go to the actual building of the home.

7.       How sure I’m I that this house plan will be approved by the government?

We are aware that each county government has its own rules and regulations when it comes to approving building plan, thanks to devolution. Because of this, it is not a bad idea for you to familiarize yourself with the laws in your county. The good thing is we will walk with you through the entire process (which is largely uncomplicated) and should any changes be required on the plan, we will readily make them.

8.       I have not found the right house plan that meets my needs

No worries. If none of our house plans meet your needs and expectations, we are more than happy to design a brand new house plan right from scratch. We will take time to sit down with you and understand what your needs are and translate them into a house plan that you will be more than happy with.

9.       What about a BOQ?

If you need to seek financing for building your home, you will likely be required to have a signed and stamped BOQ. A BOQ (Bill of Quantities) is normally prepared by a Quantity Surveyor, who you have to engage separately. We have partner Quantity Surveyors who we can link you up with if you so desire.

10.   What about Structural Drawings?

You will also require structural design drawings from a registered Structural Engineer which is charged separately. The structural drawings comprise of drawings of any reinforced concrete work and structural timber work for the building such as beams, slabs and roof trusses. If you are building in a place where you require approvals, approved structured drawings must be attached along with architectural drawing for approval.

11.   Is there anything else that I require?

We have a separate package for detailed interior design of internals such as kitchens, cabinets, window and door schedules and other details as necessary. The cost of this is dependent on the scope of works.

You may also want electrical and lighting design as well as plumbing and drainage. These include normal plumbing and drainage, CCTV, internet, intercom systems, centralized cable TV, specialized lighting etc.  We can bring on board a partner Services Engineer (paid separately) to prepare that for you. Otherwise you may work with a skilled fundi on site to fix these for you.

12.   How long will it take for me to get my house plan?

Typically, your drawings will be ready within 5 working days once payment is received. However, if you request changes to the plan, it will take a bit longer depending on the changes you have requested.

13.   Are you involved during construction?

We offer supervision of the construction work through regular site visits as required during the course of construction. A nominal charge per site visit is levied, depending on the location. Areas outside Nairobi and its environs would need the client to make provisions for transport and subsistence as needed.