Dealing with the demand for solar powered water heating and power supply for your real estate project

You may be interested in developing a real estate project in Kenya for sale or for rentals. The incorporation of good sustainable architecture measures into your real estate project can be a major selling point that you can use to leverage your project to the open market. It can be a big boost in the process of generating sufficient cashflow to your project. In addition, the need for sustainable design of your building is paramount to getting best value for money over the lifespan of the project when thinking about what features you are going to incorporate into your real estate project.

It is necessary to give consideration to renewable energy sources for sustainable real estate projects in Kenya

kenyan architecture house in KitaleIn previous blog posts, I have discussed the need to incorporate sources of energy that are renewable into your building projects to ensure that you do not run into areas of lack especially in your building’s energy needs. Indeed, having a zero carbon footprint is desirable for achieving the green agenda in your building project, and there is plenty of advantages to having those kind of energy provisions within your buildings.

We now have the technology to have a good level of energy efficiency incorporated into your building project through the use of solar roofs that will will create the necessary power that you require on your building project such that your building has a zero energy and zero carbon footprint. For this to happen, you will need to have a good level  of natural power generating facilities that can bear the electrical load required of your building. For example, if your home requires say 10KVa as its power load, this would require a reasonably large array of solar power panels to be arranged on your project’s roof or an exposed area of your project. It will also constitute a major capital outlay for this to be realized.

Incorporating solar roofs for your real estate project in Kenya is a concept whose time has come

The good news for this is that there are some are several panels that can be incorporated into your building project, that will allow you to achieve energy efficiency on your building project. Previously the level of energy efficiency of the panels was such that the level of conversion was not as cost effective. However with technological advances, there are now several products in the market that will allow efficient conversion of electrical energy to the level that they can supply all the energy needs of the building on which they are installed, as well as providing surplus energy that can be wired to neighboring properties.

These kinds of power systems require inverters and batteries to store the power being generated by solar panels. All this switchgear and operating mechanisms must be incorporated into the building’s planning.  Through their use however, the building becomes self reliant on its energy needs, with this zero energy footprint being an important contributant to environmental sustainability through its clean energy output.

The advantages of using this kind of solar roofing on a building is that it becomes the building’s external envelop playing the role of the traditional roof covering, while at the same time plays the part of harvesting solar energy for electrical power supply to your building structure. This is a major headache off of someone’s mind as their power needs would be met through the natural renewable energy of the sun. Various permutations of this system have been created, for example through the use of photovoltaic cells on window panels, as well as through the incorporation of photovoltaic panels on other surfaces that would be exposed to the sun such as roof decks and balconies and the like.

Incorporating the traditional solar water heating systems on your real estate projects in Kenya is now mandatory

On a lesser scale, a developer of real estate in Kenya by regulation is now required to incorporate at least the simpler system that only caters for heating of water through solar heating. Of these systems, developers can go for the tubed systems or the use of flat panel heat exchangers. Their cost can range differently according to the capacity of their heated water storage with the three hundred litre solar heating system costing anywhere between 80,000/- to 300,000/- depending on the source and manufacturer of the heating systems.

There are plenty of things that you can incorporate to make your building feel sophisticated and complete. Of these, the incorporation of green features that will give a building good value for money by virtue of their reduced operating costs. Have you therefore incorporated solar energy harvesting for that next real estate project in Kenya that you are planning on?