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    Three things that I have learnt as an architect in Kenya in 2014

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Three things that I have learnt as an architect in Kenya in 2014

The year 2014 will go down as one of the most brisk years of my practice as an architect in Kenya. This is undoubtedly largely because of the breakneck speed with which tasks have had to be undertaken in the quest for architectural excellence. With growing confidence of investors in the real estate market, many individuals are taking the plunge into real estate development. They are doing this mainly to fulfil the demand for residential or commercial space required by our growing urban centers and for personal gain. Each individual has set timelines and cashflows, and the need to deliver the real estate product that will yield the anticipated return within the project plan is vital. […]

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    The Cost of Engaging a Kenyan Architect for Complete Project Design

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The Cost of Engaging a Kenyan Architect for Complete Project Design

It has been a while since we published a post, as we have been busy and very privileged to see several projects that we have been appointed as architects for proceeding to the construction site, and successfully commencing the process of moving from paper to becoming a reality in the built environment. Being an architect in Kenya is a marvellous boon at such a time as the building industry has seen steady growth after many decades of stagnation during the eighties and nineties. Indeed there has been a pent up energy in the construction sector fuelled by the demand for housing, commercial space and expansion of our economic activity in the land. All manner of buildings, both large or small have come up. Sadly though, not all buildings are of the quality both aesthetically and functionally that they ought to be. […]

Minimizing Costs When Building in Kenya part 2

Undertaking building in Kenya can be a costly, arduous matter, involving many factors that need to be considered by a real estate investor. It mounts a formidable financial challenge to the person interested in construction of a building project, but this can be overcome by conscientious planning by an individual. The involvement of experienced professionals in the process of building in Kenya will also go a long way to ease this burden on the developer.  […]

Minimizing Costs while Building in Kenya

Building in Kenya can be a costly affair in the context of today’s real estate environment. Various elements work together to create costs in a project, and the resultant of this is an immense financial burden that is borne by the investor interested in construction of real estate.  However with proper cost planning of projects, it is possible to have a successful building project without undue financial challenges. […]

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    Simple Design Standards For Construction Of House Plans in Kenya

Simple Design Standards For Construction Of House Plans in Kenya

Designing house plans in Kenya requires building professionals to apply certain standards applicable when building in Kenya. Local authorities often have stipulations or guidance relating to building and site requirements (e.g. regarding frontages, wayleaves, road widths and construction materials, etc.) Usually these have to be promoted through various planning departments, though their relevance of some of these regulations have been questioned by developers  building in Kenya. […]

Cost Planning of Projects by Kenyan Architects

In the process of undertaking building in Kenya, a Kenyan architect connects with other building professionals to execute various parts of the project, according to their disciplines. One of the core areas of expertise in a building project is with regard to the financial economic factors of a project. The consultant with whom the architect and client liaise with regarding issues of cost on a building project is the Quantity Surveyor. […]