About David

David is a registered architect in practice within the East African region. He is the lead architect at Adroit Architecture, a young vibrant building and sustainable design firm that develops green architecture. Design and successful project management are major goals for this architect. When architecture takes a back seat, his trusty piano keys are used to recharge that design mind.

The Portal Entrance 4 Bedroom Bungalow

The Portal Entrance 4 Bedroom Bungalow is unique bungalow design. As the name suggests, the home has a covered semi enclosed portal entrance that is grand and imposing, commonly found in castles and cathedrals. Key Features: 1.The back terrace features the same portal design, providing a large outdoor terrace that leads to the back yard. [...]

The Deon Contemporary 5 Bedroom Home Design

The Deon Contemporary 5 bedroom Home Design is a spacious and ornate  home design with well-organized  and thought out spaces. Key Features: As with all contemporary home designs the additional roof space is a major key feature. The roof top can be designed and customized for you as you wish This house design is perfect [...]

The Ssesonyi 5 Bedroom Country Home

The Ssesonyi 5 bedroom country home is an amazing all en-suite design that gives some serious country castle vibes. This is mainly because of the hexagonal shape that has been used in the home design. If you are a lover of Victorian country style homes, you will love this design. Key Features: The Victorian country [...]

The Ezzie Contemporary 5 Bedroom Bungalow

The Ezzie 5 bedroom contemporary bungalow is another amazing home design for those who have a good amount of land and want to build a modern bungalow. It has a modern contemporary look with large windows that bring in lots of air and light. Key features: I love the terrace that you can access from [...]

The Rita 4 Bedroom A-Frame Cottage

Today we bring to the Rita 4 Bedroom A-Frame Cottage. A-frame cottages are taking the Air BnB space by storm! If you are considering getting into the Air BnB space, you should definitely be considering an A frame cottage. This right here, the Rita A frame cottage Design with 4 bedrooms is just perfect for [...]

The Stawi 4 Bedroom House Plan

We bring to you the Stawi 4 Bedroom House Plan. When we took a moment to think about this design, the one thing that came to mind is a well-established/perfectly balanced design. This seems to be the sweet spot for many clients. This house plan is a well-balanced design that provided just the right amount [...]

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