A 4 Homes Gated Community -Four 3 Bedroom Contemporary Bungalows Gated Community on 3/8th Acre

This particular project features a 4 3 bedroom contemporary bungalows gated community. These bungalow homes are build on land that measures 100 Feet by 150 Feet. This is 3/8th of an acre – to put that in a much clearer way for you, think 3 1/8th acre plots put together. Do you have some idle [...]

The Birika Villas – The Design and Planning of a Gated Community

What does it take to design and plan a gated community? Lets take a look. The Birika villas estate project sits on a 5-acre piece of land located in Isinya. On the 5 acres, you have 34 detached 4-bedroom homes. Each unit is seated on a 1/8th acre with a live fence around it. Of [...]

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