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    Solar energy power supply for your real estate project in Kenya

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Solar energy power supply for your real estate project in Kenya

Dealing with the demandĀ for solar powered water heating and power supply for your real estate project
You may be interested in developing a real estate project in Kenya for sale or for rentals. The incorporation of good sustainable architecture measures into your real estate project can be a major selling point that you can use to leverage your project to the open market. It can be a big boost in the process of generating sufficient cashflow to your project. In addition, the need for sustainable design of your building is paramount to getting best value for money over the lifespan of the project when thinking about what features you are going to incorporate into your real estate project. […]

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    Tips by a Kenyan Architect – Creation of sustainable buildings in concrete

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Tips by a Kenyan Architect – Creation of sustainable buildings in concrete

Sustainable buildings are buildings that promote principles of longevity and responsible use of energy and natural resources throughout their lifespan. Kenyan architects must consider the need to design and develop the buildings that they do within the lens of sustainability. Right from the commencement of a building project, the idea is to commission projects that will be built using sustainable building means. Indeed part of sustainability also has to do with construction technologies that are incident in a given location, and especially modes of construction that have been used in a given location using its specific construction industry requirement. […]

The return of the stone craftsman to Kenyan Architecture

You cannot underplay the influence of stone masonry in the history of Kenyan architecture. Throughout the ages since colonialism took grip over the nation, there came stronger and stronger forces that have led to the development of many Kenyan buildings using stone as the main building material in both structural and aesthetic applications. One only needs to look at Kenyan buildings done in the 1940s to the 1960s era prior to the modern movement taking root in the country’s buildings to appreciate the detail that the stone craftsman of yore brought to the buildings of the day. […]

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    Sustainable Architecture in Kenya Should Be Our Design Target

Sustainable Architecture in Kenya Should Be Our Design Target

One of the most elementary requirements for man is a place to live, which means that development of sustainable architecture in Kenya is probably the most typical use for architectural design. Architecture is definitely many-sided, and is constantly developing from one construction to another. Then again, the best form of building design is design of buildings that go further than focusing on merely the practical perspective and is responsive to the other pillars of building design such as creativity, function and economy. All this must be accepted in a building that works and which is eco- friendly in its build. […]

Flat Roofs On Modern Houses For Sale In Kenya

Houses for sale in Kenya done by Kenyan architects often have a familiar outlook when it comes to the way they are built. Many residential developments being designed by Kenyan architects have a particular way with which they are done to respond to the requirements of the local climatic conditions, as well as adopt to our systems of building. Indeed many of the housing units so developed in recent times have a pitched roof of some sort as a response to the need for a roof system that drains quickly and easily. However, the question to ask is is that the only way to realize your dream modern home design, especially if you are interested in great modern architecture for the design of your home? […]

Building Sustainable Neighborhoods And Creating Green Projects

Setting up sustainable neighborhoods is a great social responsibility that may enhance the lives of numerous families residing in a location. New developments that may provide housing for people should be designed with such sustainable ideas in view. In the same vein, the rehabilitation of current buildings too needs to be undertaken with the aim of making sure the outcome of the operation is a sustainable neighborhood. […]