Three bedroom house plans in Kenya are a great option for individuals who are interested in having a house option that is economical in size, costs less and does not take too much to build. In many estates all over the city, there is an abundance of residential units that boast largely of three bedroom house plans in Kenya. Their popularity is widespread throughout urban areas of the world, not just in Kenya.

Who requires three bedroom house plans in Kenya?

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The three bedroom house plans are largely the domain of small nuclear families that are interested in residential units that are well suited to their needs. They are very popular amongst middle class families consisting of parents, and probably two to four children. This is probably due to the fact that with three bedrooms, such a family can be quite comfortably accommodated with the children sharing rooms and parents in the master bedroom.

Arguably their most attractive feature is the fact that despite this provision, they can be achieved relatively cheaply in comparison to other types of house plans.

For example, one may find that a three-bedroom unit may be cheaper to construct per square meter of area, as opposed to a two or one bedroom unit. This is because the additional space required to create the additional bedroom as opposed to the other two housing types is relatively small, compared to that of the smaller house types.

To have a three-bedroom unit, one may only need to provide minimal additional circulation space in addition to the bedroom to accommodate the larger spaces offered by a three bedroom house plans in Kenya.

What is typically included within three bedroom house plans in Kenya

The basic denominator of all three bedroom house plans is the fact that they have three main bedroom areas, apart from their other living rooms and wet areas. Typically, they comprise of a house plan offering a living room, a dining area, a kitchen with its ancillary facilities, toilets and bathrooms, and three bedrooms.

The bedrooms may be simple rooms without much provision, or they may be well provided for such as by utilizing their three bedrooms with additional support spaces such as ensuite toilets, family areas, et al.  Having built in wardrobe and storage space is an added advantage to the quality of spaces that are available in three bedroom house plans in Kenya.

The living spaces for three bedroom house plans in Kenya consist of the lounge area, and in more elaborate setups, include a dining area. All these can be adjacent to the kitchen area.

There is a growing attraction towards the open plan kitchen layout within house plans in Kenya, and three bedroom house plans are no exception. These types of layouts are quite prevalent in the Western world, where individuals living within studio apartments and single bedroom units make use of the entire house as one space.

This trend had not been previously widespread in the Kenyan context, probably due to our predisposition towards gender based separation of spaces, that is spaces that were traditionally associated with women like kitchens and living areas where men met their peers were often physically separate. However these stereotypes are now changing and people are attracted to the greater spacious-ness and visual interaction that is afforded by an open plan layout.

In apartment units especially where this type of house plan is prevalent, one may add a balcony or terrace adjacent to the living room, and a service yard adjacent to the Kitchen area is also desirable.


What types of three bedroom house plans in Kenya are available

A broad number of options exist that a developer or buyer may be willing to consider when looking at developing or purchasing three bedroom house plans in Kenya. However the two main types of three bedroom house plans are in apartment units, maisonettes and bungalows.

There are quite a few choices in the market that relate to three bedroom house plans in apartments. These are widespread in the market due to their family appeal, and offer good accommodation for the average middle-income homestead. Apartments are attractive also due to their higher security due to dwelling numbers, as well as shared economies with regard to services and infrastructure. These types of three bedroom house plans in Kenya are readily available both in the prime urban and peri-urban areas of towns countrywide.

Three bedroom house plans in Kenya are also available as maisonettes, whereby these units consist of two or three story housing units. These were very popular in early estates being developed within Nairobi and Kenya’s major cities, especially at the point where families were small in size. Many such units are available for mortgage and purchase in some of the estates being developed in peri urban areas where the demand for land is much lower than within the inner city areas.

Bungalows that have been developed as three bedroom house plans in Kenya are often relegated to areas which have least demand on land, and can have wider spread on ground. Inevitably, these are located in peri-urban to rural areas, where the land premium is not very high. These units are also not as expensive to build as the other two house types, and their main challenge is the fact that one needs to have sufficient land to allow the entire unit to be developed on ground.


The challenge of developing these kind of house plans is not as daunting as one may think. Due to their reasonably economical size, one is able to develop these kind of house buildings without too much difficulty as long as they have the right advice and sufficient resources to construct. In addition other options for construction and home ownership through prefabricated or panel housing are available, in a manner that will allow a homeowner to live comfortably.  These advantages of easy construction and adequate space provision make for the great popularity of three bedroom house plans in Kenya.