House Plans in Kenya – Shania 4 Bedroom House Plan

Are you looking for a Spacious 4 Bedroom House Plan, all rooms en-suite? Find out more about The Shania 4 Bedroom House Plan, giving your space, luxury, comfort and privacy.
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    Cost of Construction in Kenya – Different Aspect of the Construction Project

  • Cost of Construction in Kenya
  • Cost of Construction in Kenya
  • Cost of Construction in Kenya
  • Cost of Construction in Kenya

Cost of Construction in Kenya – Different Aspect of the Construction Project

Cost of construction in Kenya a topic close to the hearts of many. Building your own home is one of the most rewarding tasks you can ever undertake, despite the stresses that come with it. As it is with everything else in life, overcoming challenges is the spice of life.

Good research, proper planning and execution of those plans will lead to a successful cost effective construction project.Know when to engage professionals and when to undertake tasks yourself. Talk to others who have built and seek to learn as much as possible before embarking on a construction project.


Is it Possible to Build Quality Homes in Kenya?

Why is it that we are increasingly seeing home full of issues? Why are new home owners complaining about the quality of their homes? Why are roofs leaking? Why is paint flaking off? Why are sinks stinking and leaking? Why are walls cracking? Why are buildings caving in? Why is there mold all over the house? Are quality homes in Kenya a dream?

We have all been waiting for a long time for the burble to burst in the housing sector and prices of homes to come down. But no, the cost of housing seems to be going up and up with every passing year. But as the price of houses goes up, the quality of the houses selling in the market is deteriorating. While ready houses are more plagued with issues, those building their own home are also affected to some extent.


Ande Superior House Plan

We have always been interested in design solutions that are relevant for our clients, and this design of a house plan provides a great solution for anyone interested in developing a cost friendly four bedroom house plan in Kenya and East Africa.

The design of this house plan incorporates a spacious living spaces and seeks to provide a classical design that beautifully merges with its surroundings. The beauty of this design is the well balanced form with the steep roofs, classical trusses, picturesque entrance porch and balcony overhangs that create this home’s character.

With a total area of 200 square meters, this home offers a ground floor area of 100 m2 and an upper floor area of 100 m2, the home is a good high end design for a prime development. With overall plinth dimensions of 11m by 10 meters, this design is well suited for a property of an eighth acre and above.
Special features of this house plans include:

Living room
Dining Room
Master Bedroom with walk-in dresser and ensuite bathroom
3 other bedrooms (2 ensuite)
Kitchen with pantry
Balconies to front and rear upstairs


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Building three bedroom house plans in Kenya – some things to consider

What an amazing moment for an aspiring home owner when they are ready to construct their three bedroom house plans in Kenya that they have already prepared. The notion that within a short period, one will get the opportunity to move into a brand new home, complete with all manner of facilities that complement a family’s taste is quite exciting. A question still lingers however in the mind of the aspiring builder. What do I need to include within the house to make it everything it needs to be? […]