The Lulu 3 Bedroom House Plan

The Lulu 3 Bedroom House Plan is a beautiful 2 story home design featuring an attic floor, that is the upper level which is wholly dedicated to the master bedroom. The attic floor helps to take advantage of the roof space. This gives a beautiful and unique building form and helps to reduce the overall [...]

The Bekah 3 Bedroom Bungalow House Plan

The Bekah 3 Bedroom Bungalow House Plan is nice medium sized bungalow, with well-designed spaces that flow into each other perfectly. There is no wasted space on this 3 bedroom home design. This is the kind of house plan many first-time home owners would love, not too expensive and spacious enough. It is also a [...]

Is it Possible to Build Quality Homes in Kenya?

Why is it that we are increasingly seeing home full of issues? Why are new home owners complaining about the quality of their homes? Why are roofs leaking? Why is paint flaking off? Why are sinks stinking and leaking? Why are walls cracking? Why are buildings caving in? Why is there mold all over the [...]

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