The Kare 4 Bedroom Bungalow House Plan

Today we bring to you the Kare 4 bedroom bungalow house plan. As we have said before in this channel, bungalows are really popular house designs. In some instances, they are cheaper to construct and provide ease of movements especially for senior citizens and personal with any physical impairment. The Kare 4 Bedroom home design [...]

The Birika Villas – The Design and Planning of a Gated Community

What does it take to design and plan a gated community? Lets take a look. The Birika villas estate project sits on a 5-acre piece of land located in Isinya. On the 5 acres, you have 34 detached 4-bedroom homes. Each unit is seated on a 1/8th acre with a live fence around it. Of [...]

Sam and Monica’s Modern Contemporary 5 Bedroom Home

Today we feature a modern contemporary 5 bedroom home located in Nairobi, Kenya. We have received numerous requests to show case build home. It is not enough to share beautiful home design concepts. Everyone wants to see how our designs are interpreted into real homes. Check out our FAQ's for answers to all the [...]

The Kerara Mid 4 Bedroom House Plan

Today we bring to you the Kerara Mid 4 Bedroom house plan, another one of our best-selling designs. This house plan is nicely spacious with a very attractive exterior look for someone who wants to construct a premium 4bedroom home. Key features to note: The entry lobby with the 2 pillars gives this home a [...]

The Arched 4 Bedroom Bungalow House Plan

Today we bring to you the Arched 4 Bedroom Bungalow House Plan. Another one of our favorite designs. This design for a luxurious all en-suite 4 bedroom bungalow is ideal for many Kenyan households seeking a spacious, graceful place to call home. The architecture of of this house plan incorporates a spacious living room, spacious [...]

The Hekima Contemporary 3 Bedroom House Plan

We bring to you The Hekima Contemporary 3 Bedroom House Plan, with an optional DSQ. This modern house design is well designed, providing you with just the right amount of space that you need while remaining very compact and economical. You asked for it and we obliged. After numerous requests to bring more 3 bedroom [...]

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