When it comes to construction in Kenya, it’s always a pleasure to work on a project that impacts society positively.

The Word of Life Dream Centre is a Children’s home that is in the fore front of rescuing abandoned babies and giving a home to homeless children who would otherwise be roaming the streets of Nairobi.

The small boys and girls as well as their adoptive parents were crammed in a house that was not big enough for them. It was such a joy and pleasure to watch these families move into their new, spacious home, where they can be comfortable. The new facility will allow the home to open its doors to even more children in dire need of a home.

Construction in Kenya Construction in Kenya Construction in KenyaFeatures of the Word of Life Home

The house plan design consists of:

  • A large lounge
  • Project sits on 1/8 acre piece of land
  • A big kitchen with an adjoining pantry
  • Offices
  • 12 dormitory style bedroom
  • Other auxiliary spaces






Back view of the children’s home showing balconies.










Back view of the proposed design.







Finished Product

As with all construction projects, this one had its own unique set of challenges. After months of construction and working through the challenges, the children and their adopted mothers finally had a place to call home.

Construction in Kenya Construction in Kenya Construction in Kenya Construction in Kenya


The balconies were replaced with huge windows to increase the amount of usable space inside the house.






The side view features large windows that encourage natural lighting.









Dormer windows increase the size of the attic which gives additional dormitory space.







A good view of the entire building.  a bit of site works still on going.