Having a great office development and going through the process of building office blocks calls for several things to be integrated within a place in order for it to function well as an office. An office is basically a place where work gets done, and provides a suitable base of operations for business. New trends are emerging all over that allow people to live and work in almost any given area, as long as they encapsulate several important characteristics. These are a few must haves that you must integrate into your office blocks..

Five Must Haves For Great Office Developments 


Proper Physical Space Within The Office Development


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A commercial building to be put up in Nairobi

The need for an office development to have proper space is an important requirement for it to be successful. The essence of a working area is to provide space for work activities. The space can be of varied configurations and dimensions, as long as it can provide for the type of activities that are to be accommodated within your office.
The number of people being located within the office must be catered for, according to their spatial needs. In addition, it is important to provide adequately for the various cadres of users of the space, each according to their functional needs. The needs of a senior manager for example shall be reflected in the amount of privacy and seclusion he or she may require. At the same time, the need for them to monitor the workplace and interact with other members of their team freely needs to be achieved as well.
Thus with all these needs, a great office requires to provide space that works according to its functional needs and application.

Privacy vs Public Space Within The Office Building

Especially in an office space that provides for interaction with its business clientele, the need for a proper balance to be maintained when it comes to their privacy gradient is paramount. Should you have to entertain your clients as visitors to your office, then proper space must be demarcated for them. Provisions for ensuring privacy of more restricted and controlled areas should be also built into any design for an office. These controls may be incorporated through their planning, or through creation of demarcations that will allow users to know that they are entering a different type of space that they may or may not be permitted to enter.

Sufficient Amenities.

Everyone hiring an office looks for a place to be able to recreate, rest and live life, apart from the rigors of hard and fast work. Even activities that complement the work environment need to find a place to happen within the office precincts. Be it the washrooms which should provide tenants and other users a neat and tidy place to do their thing, or the kitchen to ensure workers can prepare a cup of tea, or even a simple shop where visitors may get a required photocopy or printout, all these must be taken care of within the design of an office. Even functionality such as space for garbage disposal needs to be made certain of.

Parking Is Vital Within Successful Office Developments

This is a need that is especially acute in cities which are not served with a great transport system. In Nairobi for example, vehicular traffic is the main mode of transportation around the city, and even public transport is heavily reliant on this mode of transport. This means much of the working class that operate from the building will come to work driving. This includes visitors who are coming to transact business and leave. Thus it is paramount that more than a modest provision be made for parking in these buildings. Buildings that are able to provide more than sufficient parking way above required parking needs as stipulated by the statutory regulations are often able to be taken at a higher premium than those which do not. This is especially apparent for buildings that cater for multinational agencies or numerous small business enterprises within.
Parking needs may be met through incorporation of surface and above grade parking through silos or through underground parking bays. Of course this is subject to the ground conditions, but sub-grade parking is most desirable due to the fact that it allows the building to make the most use of its allowable building area potential as stipulated by the plot ratios.

Security Within The Office Building

In this day and age of threats from crime, terrorism and other vices, the needs of tenants to feel secure in the workplace is paramount. Secured workplaces are the best way to attract multinational organisations which often have stringent requirements for their staff working conditions. It is also a great way to ensure that users of a building do not fall prey to unnecessary accidents and health hazards from the workplace, which can be especially costly in litigation to the developer.
Security to workplaces in office buildings may be ensured at different levels. Access controls are a must for a building to be secure, as this is the point where any intruder must be properly screened prior to entry. The need for the building to also have controls in its various zones will ensure that only permitted users are able to access spaces at different points within the offices according to their status.
Hard blockades such as pop-up blockers and gate booms allow security personnel to control vehicle access into the building. CCTV security cameras and monitors strategically installed into the building will also go a long way in ensuring security people know what is going on in and out of the building.

Having these elements in the design of your office block shall ensure that your development is very marketable, and you shall enjoy great occupancy rates from your office development.