Interior designers in Kenya are constantly involved in selection of finishes for house plans in Kenya, as well as commercial buildings. Every house designed according to individuals taste and strives to create its own specific character with regard to its finishes. Each building has several finishers that may be applied on different parts of it. What creates interest in an internal composition is the way various finishes can be mixed together creatively.


Selecting Finishes, tips for interior designers in Kenya

interior designers in kenya nice imageInterior designers in Kenya have the knack to be able to create interesting compositions from the mixing of various textures, colors, and proportions of various materials to create a specific character within the building. An attitude of creating interest should permeate every surface of a space. This means that when someone observes the ceiling for example it should be able to have its own character and elements of interest. Creatively applying materials is one of the best ways to garnish an interior space.


This is one of the things that interior designers in Kenya can do when selecting materials is to picture the type and quality of space that they would like to create within a room. This can be formulated based on the ambiance that has been selected for that room.

For example, when one looks at a certain space with an idea that it should cater for a children’s play, including the appropriate that the space takes on a softer and brighter character. This may mean using colorful finishes, as well as softer materials that can absorb children’s falls and prevent injury. In contrast, a bar that hosts patrons during the evening may require to be designed to create a more intimate ambience. In this case the use of darker colours and other materials may be appropriate.

Interior designers in Kenya must conceptualise spaces fast


Interior designers in Kenya therefore have the task of translating clients briefs into a fully built facilities that evoke a certain feeling within it when users are within a space. Think of the materials that will be applied within the room as the canvas with which one can paint certain pictures are in the minds of everyone will occupy the space. Using these materials, various feelings can be manipulated to suit the character of the space in question.


In the same vein, interior designers in Kenya not only manipulate the colours of the materials to create specific psychological feelings, the textures of those materials go a long way in determining the feeling that users of a space with experience. By being able to conceive what one should feel like within the space, certain materials can be used based on their textures. For example if one wants to create a linear repetitive pattern on a certain wall, perhaps to depict a grassy character, they can use materials that bear this linear character in a repetitive manner.

Using textures is a great way interior designers in Kenya create interest

Another example can be in the way in order to create a feeling of movement within a passage for example, interior designers in Kenya may decorate the space using elements that have been placed in a repetitive manner facing the route of movement. The repetition creates an aura of movement. Therefore making use of certain motifs within the design in a certain particular fashion can also create the feeling of movement within the space. It all comes down to what the designer is trying to dictate within this design.


The sky is the limit for interior designers in Kenya who are interested in making design ambiances to suit one’s taste. The knowledge of how specific materials will feel once applied within a space is what will distinguish one design composition from another. Creatively mixing these materials will result in better holistic compositions at the end of the day. Knowledge of these materials is also part of an interior designers arsenal for creating interesting design compositions.


At the end of the day the choices made within a design have to conform to constraints such as budgets, design brief and the aspirations of a client. Therefore, a little ingenuity in material choices by interior designers in Kenya go a long way in creating an internal statement in a building.