You define a successful construction project as one that fulfills your needs and desires as the building owner, meets the needs and desires of the users and more importantly contributes to the well being of the surrounding environment. When designing hotels and leisure facilities, you certainly need to have a very good working relationship with your Kenyan architect in order to attain such success.

Tips To Help Work With An Architect When Designing Hotels And Leisure Facilities

An architect is a trained individual who should help you realize your goals and objectives of your hotel and leisure activities. This they do by guiding you through the design and building process. Particularly, an architect should help and guide you through the complicated regulatory building process which includes codes and regulations as well as contractor’s bids.


interior design by kenyan architect, ACK Guesthouse, hotel designTraining, education, as well as professional experience are key to ensuring a successful process of designing hotels and leisure facilities that will meet function needs. The architect will serve as not only the advisor but also the technical manager, coordinator, and also the creative artist who will ensure the project is completed on time, within budget, and at the highest possible quality standards.


Tips To Help Work With An Architect When Designing Hotels And Leisure Facilities

  • Always ensure you explain your needs and desires clearly and in detail
  • Pay close attention to the ideas raised by your architect
  • Be sure to get a rough estimate of how long the project is likely to take
  • Ensure you discuss about the fees in advance i.e. agree on the building budget beforehand
  • Review the architect’s blueprint and ask for changes if need be
  • With the guidance of your architect, ensure you choose a competent contractor to work with
  • You can always let the architect negotiate and come up with a contract with the building contractor as they will be interacting more often
  • Always keep communication lines open because designing and building is a very stressful process



Designing hotels and leisure facilities require a very high level of creativity. Unlike other constructions, the design out to be highly decorative i.e. it should have a high level of aesthetic appeal all which will contribute to the overall design and of course the end result. You should work with an architect who understands the latest technological advancements and requirements. This way, you can be able to create very dynamic and attractive designs that are not only functional but also very attractive and in line with the industry standards.

How do you find such an architect?

Ask as many questions as you may deem fit. Considering that this is a very engaging process, you have to know how the architect will establish priorities during the design and construction process and how they will make decisions. You have to know their design philosophy and more importantly, the kind of services they will offer during construction.


interior design by kenyan architect, ACK Guesthouse, hotel designYou also have to choose based on your style. While seasoned architects ought to adapt their design approach to your tastes and preferences, the entire process will be a success if the architect is not expected to depart too radically from their personal stylistic tendencies.